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We have particular experience & expertise in three key areas


Entotek have a long history of working with both mainstream and novel pheromone applications for use in crop protection, professional pest control in food processing & storage and protection of heritage sites. Experienced in early product development and field testing through to product registration under both Regulation 1107/2009 plant protection and Regulation (EU) 528/2012 biocides route.

We are well placed to assist with all stages of development, field testing & registration according to latest guidance and low-risk route developments in the UK, EU & other global territories.




Natural & Biochemical substances



Regulatory test development and conduct (Novel Mating Disruption product registrations) - Individual and series field efficacy trials management for UK, EU (all zones), United States, Latin America, South Africa, New Zealand & Australia.

Demonstrations & training - Novel pheromone control and IPM strategies – National emergency containment program - Lobesia botrana (Grapevine moth) in Mendoza, Argentina. Field and classroom training to government staff (SENASA), viticulture experts, research bodies and end-users.

Commercial demonstrations - West Coast USA (CA, OR WA). Multi-site large-scale field trial demonstrations management - Novel pheromone mating disruption program in Pome & Stone fruit orchards.

Product Development & Registration - Novel pheromone control systems research, testing & registrations management for biocidal uses in food processing /storage and National Heritage sites protection.

Regulatory - Study Plan development, testing and regulatory support for first microbial active substance (Beauveria bassiana) approval in the EU for post-harvest grain storage uses.

Regulatory – Product re-registration to uniform principles (1107/2009), UK core and mutual recognition (EU zone) - pyrethrum based product registration for protected glasshouse uses.